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Early learning begins at birth

The team at Strawberry Fields Day Nursery in Gillingham believe that children are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to develop early years learning in all of our children with a range of activities and experiences based on children's interests and fascinations.  

Child development and early learning

Supporting and extending child development and early years learning is threaded throughout the day to day operation of the nursery. Strawberry Fields Day Nursery work with the children in broadening their own knowledge and skills and use an exciting range of games and activities in order to motivate and inspire our young learners. We have a range of rooms for our children to play in which help develop their early learning.  
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Learning and development
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Early Years Foundation Stage

  • The EYFS is set out by the government and consists of four distinct but complementary themes which are supported by principles and commitments.
  • We work within these themes to plan activities and experiences around the children’s interests and fascinations.
  • Children learn through play and are willing to explore and extend their curiosity when they feel happy and secure.
  • Babies and young children’s routines from home are followed by the team to ensure a smooth transition into the nursery environment. Children’s well-being is important so that they can experience all the fun activities provided such as socialising with their friends, messy and sensory exploration, problem solving and creativity. 
We feel it's important that all children have fun, make friends and have the freedom to develop at their own rate, while being given every opportunity to reach their full potential.
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